Ready to get started growing indoors but not sure how to begin? It’s a lot to think about at first. Besides seeds or clones, you’ll need sufficient light, water, air flow, temperature control, and nutrients, along with a place to protect your plants. One option is a complete grow tent package.


Worm’s Way Complete Grow Tent Package 4 x 4

Worm’s Way offers you this complete setup. It has practically everything you need to create a flourishing garden indoors. It includes all of this:

  • 4-foot wide by 6½-foot tall grow tent
  • 600-watt high pressure sodium HID light package with digital ballast
  • Timer
  • Thermometer and hygrometer
  • Fan to circulate air
  • Ducting with an inline charcoal filter to remove odors
  • Nutrients for every grow stage

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Let’s talk a little about each feature included in the kit so you can see if it’s the right one for your growing needs.

Grow tent – for maximum light and darkness

The grow tent in this kit is actually a portable darkroom with a reflective interior. This focuses the maximum amount of light on your plants and keeps the tent isolated from its external environment. Cannabis needs a lot of light.

But also, it needs complete darkness when the lights are off, especially during the flowering stage. Unless you’re growing an auto-flowering strain, marijuana’s flowering period is triggered by a switch to 12-hour days; any light during the dark period can cause your plants to go back to the vegetative stage and ruin your harvest. So always look for a grow tent, like this one, that is not only highly reflective on the interior but lightproof too.

This tent is 16 square feet. Mature cannabis plants tent to need around one square foot each, plus you’ll need some room to maneuver. So you won’t be able to squeeze 16 plants into this tent, but 10 12 should be a much more comfortable fit. Besides, in many states how many plants you can legally grow at home will likely be somewhat lower.

Grow light – mimic the sun indoors

The 600-watt HPS light is the traditional grower’s favorite lamp for indoor gardening. It consumes a lot of electricity and puts out a lot of heat, but makes for good plant growth at both bloom and veg stage. A digital ballast ensures that you have flicker-free light. And the timer will help you make sure the plants get regular periods of light and darkness.

We prefer LED grow lights, since they’re much cheaper to run, last longer, produce little heat and have a more complete spectrum than HID lights. But that doesn’t mean that an HPS light won’t give you a good grow. It just means that you’ll need to keep a closer eye on things. Fortunately this package has everything you’ll need to monitor and control your growing environment.

Other components – monitoring and cooling your growing environment

Since HPS lights put out a lot of heat, it can get overwhelmingly hot in a small grow tent. The  thermometer and hygrometer included in this grow kit help you keep your plants healthy. You’ll be able to see if you need to increase air flow and change the amount of water they receive. Speaking of air flow…

The fan is essential for use with any HPS setup to control the temperature. Combined with the charcoal air filter and ducting, you’ll eliminate that obvious odor of cannabis during the flowering stage. Which is especially helpful if you’re growing at home or stealth growing.

Finally, the right nutrients are important. They don’t just help you grow large, healthy plants, they have an impact on the taste of the final product. Think of your cannabis like fine wine. The soil in which the vine grows gives flavor to the wine. With this grow kit you get the full range of nutrients to maximize plant growth at every grow stage.

The 420 Beginner Verdict:

Buy this light if you’re a new grower looking for a complete grow kit capable of growing up to 12 cannabis plants.

We like this package because it’s an all-in-one solution that would help a new grower get started without needing to spend a lot of time researching all the best equipment and buying it from different vendors. You can be sure that all the components have been chosen and tested to work perfectly together.

Since the kit must be assembled, the individual parts can also be replaced or upgraded if needed in the future. And the price of the whole package together is less than what you would pay for many kinds of LED light panels sold by themselves without a kit. (That said, LED grow lights tend to pay for themselves in the long run and work out cheaper than growing with HID.)

If you’re ready to try growing for the first time, the Worm’s Way kit is an easy way to begin. All you’ll need are the pots for your plants and some soil.

If 4×4 won’t fit in your closet, we’ve also reviewed the smaller 3-foot by 3-foot Worm’s Way kit here. Or if you want to further explore what’s available, check out our Top 10 Best Grow Tents article.

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