If you are looking to start your first indoor garden, you might be wondering what you should invest in first. Many people underestimate the need for adequate growing conditions. Plants need light, warmth, oxygen, and nutrients in specific quantities that can vary from plant to plant. In a perfect world, we’d automatically have these growing conditions—but that perfect world doesn’t exist! For those who want to help mimic ideal growing conditions, a grow tent package like this one from Worm’s Way would be perfect.


Worm’s Way 3′ x 3′ Grow Tent Package – Complete Cannabis Grow Kit

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The Worm’s Way 3 x 3 Complete Grow Kit contains almost everything you need to get started, besides the soil and containers you’ll grow your plants in:

  • 3×3 DarkRoom II grow tent
  • 400w digital ballast
  • HPS bulb with a reflector and lens
  • 4-inch Dura Series inline fan for air cooling
  • Charcoal filter (Sunleaves DuraFilter)
  • Full range of nutrients.

Just in case that’s not enough, they have also included a number of necessary accessories such as a timer and a digital hygro-thermometer to help get you started.

There is an unfortunate lack of instructions included with this kit. So it’s necessary that you do your own independent research before setting up your tent. That said, it’s not too difficult to assemble.

The grow tent

The Worm’s Way Grow Kit has a high-quality DarkRoom II tent made with metal poles—which are exponentially more durable than plastic. This tent isn’t specifically designed for use with this kit, so you may have to adjust it a bit to make it fit. But since many grow kits assume you already have your own tent, it’s nice that Worm’s Way have considered those who might not.

Once you have grown your crops inside a tent, you’ll understand what’s so important about it! The main thing is the ability to keep light and odors inside (ideal if stealth growing, but also if the tent shares a room with you). It also helps keep pests out and keep light out when your plants are supposed to be “resting”. In short, it provides an environment you can control to help you get the most out of your marijuana plants.

This tent is 3′ x 3′, so expect to be able to grow up to 6 plants comfortably. Maybe more. But it all depends how you train your plants and set up the containers—remember, you’ll need a bit of room to work in too.

Why grow weed indoors?

Growing weed indoors allows you to grow high quality buds faster and more often than growing outdoors. You aren’t bound by the seasons, the weather, the length of the days. Growing in a grow tent with grow lights allows you to control all aspects of your growing environment and tailor it to the needs of the strain you’re growing. Meaning you can maximize yields, speed up grow cycles and to some extent control the characteristics of the final product.

Assembling the kit

There are no instructions included for the setup of the light-fan-filter combination, so you’ll have to look online to find those. If this isn’t your first set-up, though, you might not need to, as the setup is pretty standard.

If you plan to attach the fan to both the filter and the light (which would be the ideal setup), you will need to buy an additional reducer adaptor as this product only contains one. They are fairly inexpensive, and you may be able to use one from a previous setup if you are upgrading.

At around $$$* this may not seem like the most budget-friendly choice for a new grower. But it’s important to remember that this kit is basically an all-in-one system (once you’ve assembled it). You could get a grow light for cheaper by itself, but you may be missing out on the filter as well as the tent.

The 420 Beginner Verdict:

Buy this grow tent package if you’re a new grower who wants to grow up to 6 plants at home.

Overall, this is far from the most advanced system out there, but it comes with everything you’ll need. Which means it would suit a new grower growing at home. The size also makes it good for the average home grower—it can easily accommodate all the plants you’re legally allowed to grow at home in many states.

We like that you can upgrade different components. So if you’re looking for something that will work for a while until you can afford to upgrade, this isn’t a bad way to go. Likewise, the ability to upgrade will help you to optimize your growing even further.

(By the way, we wouldn’t recommend upgrading to a higher wattage HPS light. Anything brighter would be far too hot for this size of tent. However, switching to an LED grow light would allow you to give your plants more light without creating heat problems.)

If you plan to have high-demand crops, this isn’t the kit for you. But for a smallish grow op, this is well worth a look.

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