The Green Sunshine Company is currently running a giveaway on its flagship Electric Sky 300 (ES300) LED grow light—only 8 days left to enter! 

If you already know about this light, I’m guessing you’ll probably want to just click this link and enter the contest already!

Good luck! 🙂

(N.B. Only US and Canada residents eligible. You can also earn extra entries—details below.)

Electric Sky 300 – Next Level Growing Technology

Electric Sky 300's footprint -high PAR values even in the corners!

Electric Sky 300’s footprint – high PAR values, even at the corners

However, for those of you who don’t know the ES300 yet

Here’s why those in the know are already typing in their email address over on the Green Sunshine Co. website:

The Electric Sky 300 is a powerful, $695 commercial-level grow lamp that’s starting to make a real name for itself in the cannabis growing community. Why?

Well, firstly, the ES300 gives super-even coverage over a 2′ x 4′ area for flowering, or up to 3′ x 5′ for veg.

We’re talking a perfectly rectangular ‘electric sky’ above your plants (hence the name) that even gives good PAR values at the corners and edges of your grow. No hotspots.

It’s also efficient, needing only 300W to give that kind of coverage (500W HPS equivalent), not to mention great canopy penetration.

But of course the proof is in the growing, right? So check out these videos.

In this video, on the company’s home page, you can see the light’s rectangular footprint through the clever use of a smoke machine:

electric sky 300 giveaway - video still

(When you’ve entered, get 5 extra chances to win by watching this video and answering a question. Watch to the end for the answer.)

This video covers the flowering phase of a big organic grow under Electric Sky 300s. Week by week, from beginning to frosty end.

Check it out:

Or check out this timelapse video of two ES300s vs 1000W HPS (starts on day 6 of flower, Electric Sky is on the right):

40% less power usage, no drop in yield or quality. Pretty impressive, no?

And you could get that for free!

So, to be in with a chance of winning, just head on over to the Green Sunshine Company and sign up for their newsletter:


(Contest end 9th November. Only open to legal residents of US or Canada, over the age of 18.)

Best of luck, folks!