With the increasing popularity of LED grow lights, it is fair to say that technology has effectively found a method to fertilize plants and make them grow better. The LED grow lights is a technology that should completely capture the minds of every marijuana planter  today due to the fact that their plants can now germinate faster and better with the help of the bulbs. As we all know, light is a major factor in the growth of every plant and this device is not just an ordinary set of LEDs but lights capable of reflecting at different wavelengths and spectrums thereby causing plants to respond appropriately. Below is a detailed review on Taotronics 80*3W 6 Band Led Grow Lights.


Full Spectrum 6 Bands Ratio

Every plant needs enough energy from sunlight to grow but harsh environmental factors outdoors are usually not good for the plants. With full spectrum 6 bands light emanating from this led grow lamp, your Cannabis can have full energy to grow even without a bit of sunlight. With the red having wavelength of 630nm and 660nm, Ultraviolet having 380nm, infrared having 730nm, and white light having 12000k, I can assure you that your plants need nothing more as the lights can handle both the flowering and vegetative states of its growth.

90% Energy Saving LEDs

When compared to other growing lights in the market, this device conserves up to 90% of energy. The metal halide and HPS grow LEDs ensure that your vegetables and Cannabis continue to flourish even in the absence of sunlight. The intensity of light is appropriate for all stages of your plant so you don’t have to worry about adjusting any knob on the device.

3 Built-In Fans for Cooling

It is normal for a device producing light to be hot within it and that is why the manufacturers of this grow light have placed 3 highly efficient fans in it. These fans work as long as your grow lamp is on in order to suck out all the heat within it. This ensures your device continues to work efficiently no matter how long you use it.

Electromagnetic Rays are Completely Absorbed during Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis which is the process by which plants use sunlight to synthesize their foods is required for every plant to grow. In order for your plant to grow as desired, it has to absorb electromagnetic rays and ordinary LED bulbs cannot offer this. The rays emanating from Taotronics LED grow lamp are rays which do not have equal heat intensity from the sun but has electromagnetic qualities similar to the sun that helps plant grow. Your cannabis would surely absorb 98% of the rays and continue to grow well.

Environmentally Friendly

The friendliness of every device to the environment is a valid point to note because if the device causes one harm or the other in the short or long run, there is every tendency that people wouldn’t be interested in purchasing it no matter what the device does and the quality if offers. Having a device that radiates light at different wavelengths close to oneself is something that should bring concern due to health effects but I can confidently tell you that you are 100% safe with this light emitting device. My assurance comes from the fact that the device has been tested and proven by the appropriate bodies to ensure that it poses no harm to humans.

Covers about 6 Feet of Your Garden

The 80*3W grow LED lamp covers about 6 feet of your garden and I’ll term that as fairly large enough especially if you are specialized in growing just one type of plant like the Cannabis. Everywhere within its 6-foot coverage area gets equal amount of radiation from the lamp so there is no need creating space underneath the lamp for your favorite plant.

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Not many companies offer great devices such as this for a moderate fee and that’s one reason why you should go for this grow lamp. In addition is the fact that you are covered with a 30-day money back and 12 months warranty giving you all the confidence in the world to get the device and start growing your Cannabis immediately.