Have you ever thought of growing your cannabis? What about the one you grew is not giving the yields you expected? Alright! Do not surrender. By the time you are through with this guide, you will have known how to grow cannabis on your own. Just like a professional grower!

Make Sure You Start With Quality Cannabis Seed

One mistake most people make is to use the seeds you left a couple of months ago in your marijuana bag. In short, cheap seeds can cost you an arm and a leg. If you are serious about cannabis cultivation, find the right seed bank, pay good money, and enjoy high quality cannabis beyond your expectation.

Your friend’s seed could produce an acceptable batch of marijuana. With that said, are you considering producing a killer weed? Starting with the best genetic seed is something you should not compromise on.

Cannabis seeds Germination

Select the Best Strain

Choosing the best strain from the available seeds is a challenging undertaking. Do you know why? There is a wide variety of seeds available for sale from your local cannabis distributor or breeder. Now you understand how the issue comes.

Consider these factors when choosing a seed strain:

  • The size of the area you have. Certain seed strains need to be spread horizontally while others tend to be bushy. You should know what you want to grow.
  • Do you want to grow indoors? Choose the best strain that is suitable for your climate
  • The type of hit you exactly want to grow. Whatever might be your choice, try to build a strain that fits your grow area.

Maintain Appropriate Humidity Within Your Grow Room

If you are seriously looking towards improving your cannabis production, then you need to invest in CO2 monitors for your grow room. Marijuana is a plant that thrives in a variety of conditions. Here are the guidelines you need to follow:

  • During the vegging phase, your plant needs high humidity. It can help in reducing the saline levels hence enhancing a bushy growth. Make sure to maintain moisture above 45% or else you plant will have a deficiency of nutrients
  • During flowering, your plant needs low humidity. Maintain it at 55%-maximum. An excess of humidity in this face will lead to mold growth in the buds

In case you are stuck where to buy CBD oils, ask if your grower wants it.

Maintain Optimal Temperature

A slight deviation in temperature could have far-reaching effects on your marijuana buds.

Consider this:

  • For vegging plants, maintain the temperature between 70-85  degrees Fahrenheit
  • For flowering plants, keep the temperature below 80 degrees Fahrenheit
  • If you have the grow room in a hot areas most of the year, turn off lights at night
cannabis grow room

Reducing the Amount of Water before Harvesting

When harvesting season comes around, it is necessary that you make plans to improve the production process by enhancing the flowering phase. For this purpose, you are stimulating your plants to produce an extra resin that may be used in bud protection.

Water Filtering and Metal Removing

Marijuana needs a lot of water.  If your water is not well filtered, it means your plants will get contaminated. From metals to chemicals, water is full of everything. So, if you want better yield, consider this as an essential factor as well.

Be Clean

Before and after entering the grow room, make sure you wear the disinfected clothing. Washing your hands before and after will help promote healthy plants. For this reason, you are avoiding contaminating agents from getting contact with your plants. You will also need to ensure that visitors undergo a severe disinfecting process.

Understanding the Proper Harvesting Time

Do not be in a hurry to harvest especially before it is the right time to do so. It is a mistake if you cut off your buds too earlier. It will affect the production of flowers in the end.

Final Thought

Growing marijuana is a thrilling experience that can offer you a fantastic opportunity especially if you understand the secrets of growing. The above guidelines will help you along the journey to grow cannabis like a professional. However, you need to network with other growers in your area and exchange the secrets and best practices of growing cannabis.