At 3600W the new Morsen MAX12 is the highest wattage LED grow light we’ve reviewed so far. If you’ve got a 5’x5′ grow area and love to grow light-hungry Sativa-dominant strains like Moby Dick or Lemon Haze, then this full-spectrum beast is very much the grow light for you.

The Morsen Max12 Super Bright LED 3600W Grow Light featuring an on and off dimmer switch—to give it it’s full name— will provide your plants with all of their lighting needs for each stage of growth.

Because not only does it live up to the Super Bright description, but it’s also a proper full-spectrum grow light.

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Morsen MAX12 3600W Full-Spectrum Grow Light: The 420 Beginner Review

Morsen MAX12 3600W full spectrum LED grow light

What does “full-spectrum” mean?

When discussing LED grow lights, full-spectrum refers to the light being produced falling within the spectrum of light that plants actually use to photosynthesize. Unlike some cheaper or older grow lights, a full-spectrum light doesn’t waste any electricity (or your money) producing light outside this spectrum.

What light can a cannabis plant use?

Light radiation is measured in nanometers or nm. Nanometers is a measurement of wavelengths of light to the billionth of a meter. A lower nanometer is equivalent to a shorter wavelength.

The spectrum of light cannabis plants can absorb and use falls within the 400-700nm range.

PAR spectrum - photosynthetically available radiation

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The problem with early LED grow lights

Compared to the earlier versions of LED grow lights, full-spectrum LED grow lights are much more effective for growing cannabis.

Traditional LED grow lights were efficient from a power consumption point of view, but they only focused on producing certain parts of the spectrum.


Because plants absorb red and blue light during photosynthesis in chlorophyll A and chlorophyll B. So manufacturers of early LED lights focused on providing plants only with these beneficial but limited parts of the spectrum.

However, this often resulted in immature plants producing low yields and a poorer conversion of energy to light. Turns out it’s not just blue and red light that influence plant growth.

Due to this drawback, early models of LED grow lights were understandably not very popular.

Modern full-spectrum LED grow lights: almost-real sunlight

Thankfully, LED grow lights have evolved massively. The best modern lights, like the Morsen MAX12, are about as close to giving your cannabis plants real sunlight as you can get indoors. Both ultra-bright and full-spectrum.

Over the years, plants have evolved to absorb the maximum amount of energy from solar radiation, cannabis included. The sun produces light in many spectrums that cannot be seen by the human eye, these include ultraviolet and infrared but are not limited to them.

For plants to soak up as much energy as possible from this light other pigments—not just blue and red— are also required, such as yellow.

A certain amount of yellow light is important for beta carotene which triggers and regulates the plant’s growth and other cycles not related to photosynthesis.

Full-spectrum LED lights simulate the natural light intensity and structure that radiates from the sun. This helps your marijuana to grow healthier and produce a better harvest.

Now let’s move on to the specifics of the Morsen MAX12 3600W…

The next evolution in LED grow lights

Morsen MAX12 3600W LED grow light dimmer settings

Dimmer settings for Morsen MAX12 3600W grow light.

The full spectrum of light wavelengths that the Morsen Max12 3600W produces ranges from 380 to 780nm.

Though the main spectrum that plants use to photosynthesize is 400 to 700nm, it’s been found that they can also benefit from infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light.

Cannabis plants (and other plants) don’t absorb UV or IR light, nor use it to photosynthesize, but they do react to it.

Plants know it’s day or night time through IR light. The first light of dawn and the last light of dusk are at the IR end of the spectrum.

As for UV, it appears cannabis plants react to it by essentially creating their own sunscreen. From THC.

But not only does a little UV exposure raise THC levels in cannabis plants, the “sunscreen” they produce in response (in reality, THC-rich resin) also helps them resist mold and other diseases. A beneficial amount of UV exposure can also cause plants to grow slightly shorter and thicker, which could be helpful for indoor growing.

Top quality design

The convenience and efficiency of the innovative Morsen MAX12 3600W is also seen in its high quality design.

Turning the light on and off is easily accessible with this light. It also features a dimmer switch that allows you to easily control the brightness of light distributed to your plants. These additions make adjusting the light for each grow phase simple.

Despite its ultra-bright 3600W output, this advanced light fixture uses only around 545 watts of power. It’s super-efficient. This is thanks to high efficiency COB chip technology, and 12 integrated 300w LED chips.

Advanced Chip On Board technology

COB stands for chip on board, which is new technology for LED lights.

COBs are when multiple LED chips are bonded together on a lighting module. This is meant to improve the already advanced LED technology. There is less space between the LED chips, allowing the lights to cover a larger surface.

COB LEDs can also produce a wider angle and less glare, without the addition of a lens. This allows the grow lights to be used to their full potential.

These lights appear similar to lighting panels, rather than multiple individual lights. A design that results in less heat being released and a reduced risk of broken circuits.

Cool, quiet and compact

The Max12 is resourcefully designed to disperse heat. The built in heat sink is powerful and efficient, while the 6 cooling fans quietly keep your marijuana growing space cool. Great if you’re stealth growing.

Morsen MAX12 3600W LED grow light cooling design

Cooling system for Morsen MAX12 3600W LED grow light.

Glass is not used in the construction of the light, which also helps to extend the life of your equipment and reduce risk of overheating.

While it might pack a punch with its wattage, in size the Morsen MAX12 3600W is compact and lightweight, with dimensions of 18.8 x 12.9 x 3.54 inches and weighing in at only 17.1 lbs.

It has a voltage of 85-265vac and a frequency of 50-60 hertz and should last you a good 50,000 hours of grow time.

This light comes with its own hanging cord and a power cord.

The manufacturer suggests hanging it at around 4′ to 6’6″ above your plants.

Our verdict: summing up

For an indoor grower looking to cover an area of 5×5 square feet, this light would be perfect. You certainly won’t find many brighter, higher wattage models on the market—and this one’s efficient with it.

Plus, you get full-spectrum light that ranges from UV to IR to maximize your yield and THC levels.

LED grow lights are notoriously easy to set up, since they do not require a separate ventilation or cooling system. This makes them an appealing choice even if you consider yourself a beginner.

Their compact design also makes them ideal to be installed alongside one another to cover a larger area.

Compact, lightweight, cool and quiet, the Morsen MAX12 is no exception to this.

Reassuringly, if any problems do occur, the MAX12 3600W comes with a 3 year warranty and a 30 day satisfaction return guarantee. This shows you the confidence that the company has in the quality and performance of their product, which is not surprising with such great customer reviews. And looking at those reviews, anyone who has had a problem has had it swiftly resolved.

We admit the price tag isn’t small. At first glance. But think in terms of price per watt and it’s clearly great value for money.

For growers looking for advanced technology to easily grow potent buds and enjoy high yields, without a huge electricity bill, the Morsen MAX12 Super Bright 3600W LED Grow Light should definitely be on your list. It may be exactly what your grow space needs.

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