Morsen is a well known brand in the LED grow light market.  Their lights have turned out to be of excellent quality for proficient growers.

We are aware of their popularity, and therefore, the Morsen 3000W Plus LED Grow Light deserves evaluation. If you are up for reading an honest and unbiased review, then you are welcome to keep reading!

This 3000w Plus led grow light comprises of triple-chip 10W LEDs, which are brighter and more proficient than twofold chip 3W or 5W LEDs. This can hugely affect your plants’ growth speed and quality. Additionally, actual consumption is only 450W

Morsen grow lights incorporates red, blue, white, IR LEDs, giving it a full range that is nearer to real daylight than lights with just red and blue diodes. The spectrum is great, the canopy penetration is optimal and the fans run quietly keeping it cool all the time.

One of the excellent features of this grow light are its fans. The two fans keep this light running cool.  They are powerful yet run quietly and do a great job at keeping it super cool. No matter how long you make them work, the fans will do their job perfectly.

Another useful feature is that you can modulate the intensity, which is perfect for customizing it to different growth stages or different plants. It’s a powerful light with a similarly powerful cooling framework. This light is excellent for around a 5′ by 4′ growing space.

It comes with two switches you can use to regulate the intensity, so if you are using it during seedling and you are afraid it may damage your plants, then you can simply turn off one of the switches and that’s it.

Morsen 3000Par Value

The spectrum is excellent, because it provides ideal amounts of IR light. But in addition, because it provides a perfect amount of yellow and white light, it is able to mimic natural solar light, which is something that is beneficial for your plants.

This spectrum feature is one of the advantages of this light, and therefore, a good reason to consider buying it. Many manufacturers say that their lights can mimic natural solar light, but the Morsen Grow Light is one of the few that actually does it.

Morsen Grow Lights come with a three-year guarantee and client full time client support which are also good points to consider when investing in lights.

Overall, we believe the Morsen 3000W Plus LED Grow Light to be a good choice, especially due to the excellent light spectrum, nice light intensity and great cooling system. It will last for a long time and will make your plants grow very well.

Flowering under 3000w Plus

Summary: Why We Recommend This Grow Light

  • The Best Heat Dissipation. If you are tired of grow lights that overheat and last way less than advertised, then you are going to love this one with its powerful yet quiet fans
  • Customize The Intensity To Your Needs. It comes with everything you need to customize it to your requirements
  • Powerful and Perfect For All Stages. It is highly powerful and can be used during the whole growth cycle.

If you are in the market for a new light then certainly this is one you should consider buying and we can happily recommend it. If you are a first-time buyer you may also qualify for a discount so check it out now.