What you Should Know about buying a Legal Pot in Canada?

It is no longer news that Marijuana otherwise known as Cannabis or Pot, is legal in Canada. Regardless of this fact, that does not mean there are no rules to how it should be used or bought; there are rules guiding the purchase and use of it. In fact, some people claim that buying cannabis in Canada when it was illegal was easier than now that it has been made legal.

Even though it’s become legal, still some  limitations apply be it age or online buying restriction. Read on to find out some of the most important things you should know about buying marijuana in Canada to avoid any possible trouble.

Where can marijuana be purchased?

Although the government is planning to move forward with a tightly regulated private retail model in Ontario, shop options are very limited but there are plans for expansion. The retail plan has had only one retail outlet in British Columbia (Kamloops, B.C.). While in Québec, there are roughly over a dozen stores to get legal cannabis from.

Also, legal pot can be bought in Canada online by using a Canadian credit card and shipping it to a Canadian address. The signature to the shipped cannabis must be that of a person who is up to the legal age (19 is the legal age, though 18 in Alberta and Québec). This means that visitors to the country would have to walk into a physical store and buy with cash as foreign credit cards won’t be accepted online.

How old do I have to be to buy legally?

In other to buy legal pot in Canada, there is a minimum age you need to get to or else it becomes illegal. Apart from Alberta and Québec, that allows the minimum age to be 18, every other part of Canada requires the individual to be at least 19 years of age to either buy, possess or use legal weed. Also, it is important to know that sharing legal weed with a minor is illegal.

What can I expect to pay?

The price for Cannabis varies across different provinces as they are in charge of regulating the sales of cannabis. But regardless of the location, the price of a gram of legal weed is been sold for around $6-$16.

What about bringing it back to the U. S.?

What if you travelled to Canada from the U.S. and you are coming back, can you carry it along with you? Well, the answer is no!

Bringing legal weed from Canada into the U.S. is illegal and not allowed by federal laws. It is important that you know that state laws regarding marijuana doesn’t supersede that of the federal government and hence once caught trying to move legal weed from Canada into the U.S., you would be penalized and the weed would be confiscated.

Also, as long as U.S.-grown cannabis isn’t accepted in Canada’s regulation of licensed weed, the Canadian government can impound people

who bring weed into the country. So, it is advisable you avoid the stress and punishment that comes with it.

Where can I smoke up?

Smoking legal weed too can be a crime if smoked in certain areas and hence the Canadian government has listed areas where one can smoke legal weed. Although, provinces are allowed to set where to smoke and where not to. Take for instance in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan or the Yukon, you are not meant to smoke in public, but in areas like Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, smoking legal weed in public is allowed except for in a car or where there are children. So, whether in parks, school areas, sporting fields or playgrounds, smoking is prohibited.

Also, many hotels in Canada are smoke-free making it legal to smoke in virtually every hotel in Canada. It is also important that consumers know that smoking and driving is still illegal, so you are not meant to be smoking while driving or get fined.

What about edibles, vaping?

Regardless of whether it is a marijuana candy, gummies, or any type of edibles, currently there are no legal edibles on sale, but you can make yours and share with persons that are up to the legal age; what is most important is that it does not get sold.

How much pot can you possess?

You are not permitted to have in your possession any more than 30 grams of weed in public places. Also, if you must grow the plan, you are permitted to have nothing more than 4 plants in your house.