You may already be familiar with the fact that LED grow lights operate on far less electricity than HID or fluorescent lights. But how much do you really save? Is it worth the larger sum of money to purchase?

My answer is yes.

If you are going to commit to the task of growing marijuana, you need to do it right from the very start. Be sure you have good quality equipment to ensure your safety and the best quality buds.

Find out how LED grow lights can help both your safety and that of the planet.

LED Grow Lights Are Safer

There are many unexpected hazards when growing marijuana from home that you may not originally consider. The possibility of fire is among the most dangerous.

The large quantity of electricity the your grow room uses, increases the danger for a fire. Using LED grow lights can offset this danger. They not only minimize the amount of power needed for the lights themselves, but by eliminate the need for a tremendous number of fans or AC units needed to offset the increase in heat which is experienced while operating fluorescent or HID grow lights.

This is because LED grow lights run cooler than traditional bulbs. A lot cooler! This will significantly reduce the risk of fire in your grow room.

LED Grow Lights Are Cheaper

Although you’ll expect to put more money up front for an LED grow light, you’ll find that you’ll make up the difference much faster than expected. LED uses much less electricity than other grow lights.

When running lights for, say, twelve hours a day, you’ll find that you have saved hundreds on bothe the electricity costs and bulb replacents over the course of only a single year.

That’s not all! The cost of LED lights has already experienced a strong reduction since their original appearance in the home-growing market.

LED Grow Lights Are Greener

In this day and age, we are realizing that there is no time like the present to do your part in keeping the Earth clean.

As you well know, LED grow lights reduce the amount of energy you will need, polluting the earth less and working to shrink your carbon footprint.

Also, to credit the longer life of the LED grow lights, you will use less bulbs over time, keeping the used bulbs, which can have sharp or even toxic materials, out of our trash and out of our landfills. The bulbs are also smaller, requiring less space for operation, and that gives you more room for plants.

Since they run cooler, there’s also less need for energy consuming cooling systems.

Once you get over the initial sticker-shock, you’ll find that LED grow lights were the best choice, and your buds will thank you for it.