Mary Jane and Big Bud early in life run out of their favorite herb.  Oh No!!  What will they do?  Can they stop arguing about it long enough to get started growing their own?  Click and learn how they got their first LED Grow Lights and started their first home grow.


Why grow your own weed?

That was a first attempt at some video content.

But the basic point here was, if you grow your own, it solves a number of problems.

  • You have control over your supply
  • You can always get the strain you prefer—even if it’s a rare one
  • You don’t run out so often
  • You’ve got control over the quality
  • And control over the price!

But how do you get started growing?

Glad you asked. We’ve got plenty of content on our site to help you out with choosing and using equipment, buying your first seeds and growing your first crop.

  • Setup Guide – Learn what equipment you’re going to need for your first grow and how to choose it.
  • Beginners’ Grow Guide – We’ll take you through your first indoor cannabis crop, step by step, from germinating your seeds to trimming and curing your harvested buds.
  • Seed Buying Guide – Find out how to select marijuana seeds, where to buy them online (we recommend some reliable sellers) and discover some strains for first time growers.
  • How to Choose an LED Grow Light – Never bought a grow light before? Not sure what things like PAR and full spectrum mean? We’ll explain how LED grow lights work, what features to look out for and pretty much everything else you need to know before buying your first grow light. Check out our home page and reviews too.

What equipment will I need to grow cannabis?

The Setup Guide we’ve linked to above will give you a basic idea of what you’ll need. But we also publish much more in-depth guides for most of the categories of growing equipment and tools you’ll be needing.

Check out the links below to help you find the products that are right for you, regardless the size of your grow space or your wallet.

  • Grow Tents – You’ll need somewhere to grow, a lightproof controlled environment. A grow tent is the perfect solution for the home grower. Find out what to look for and some of the best on the market.
  • Stealth Grow Boxes & Cabinets – All-in-one growing solutions, grow boxes for small spaces, indoor gardens that no-one will notice. You’ll find all of these here, plus the basics of stealth growing.
  • Inline Fans – Your plants need fresh air and good airflow. These fans will help you control heat and humidity in your grow tent and help keep your plants healthy.
  • Hydroponic Systems – You can grow cannabis indoors without soil. Why would you do that? Higher yields, faster. Plus you can automate a lot of the process. Discover what systems are available and how they work.
  • Nutes – Nutrients and fertilizers are absolutely essential to hydroponic growing, and great for boosting soil grows. This is a selection of our favorites.
  • Bud Trimming Machines – If you’ve not got the patience to hand trim, or you’ve got a big harvest to get through, a bud trimming machine will save you lots of time and hand ache.

Over to you!

Our mission is to help you learn to grow your own cannabis at home and tell good equipment from bad. The site has numerous reviews, articles and resources—and we’ll continue to add to them—but the ones listed on this page are some of our best. Work your way through them and you’ll soon be on your way to your first harvest.

If you’ve got any questions about getting started with growing your own, leave us a comment or get involved on the forum. We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Growing!