We offer TWO different Guest Post options on each of our websites. These include https://www.420beginner.com, https://10bestvapereviews.com,  https://bigbudsguide.com, and https://skindeepr.com.

Sponsored Guest Posts

Sponsored guest posts are those written to specifically promote a product or service that may be of interest to our readers. As with sponsored reviews, the post will be promoted to our readership via email and on our site under the heading of Sponsored Posts.

Posts are required to be honest and factual and meet normal editorial standards in terms of grammer, spelling and punctuation.

For sponsored posts, we will accept the reasonable use of links in the post to the website and product or products that the site refers to. A link from the writer in an Author Bio is also acceptable.

The cost of placing a Sponsored Post is $250. The post will remain on the site for as long as the content is relevant. We regularly review all posts and update as required.  If we believe your post has become out of date we will offer you the opportunity to refresh the content at a cost of $100 or we will remove the post.

Guest Posts

We welcome guest posts provided they meet editorial standards as with Sponsored Posts. We will accept links that lead to other sites seeking backlinks, although we would appreciate a reciprocal link in return. We reserve the right to replace any links placed in the text with ones to sites or products where we have existing affiliate links. We will accept a link to the writer in the Author Bio if this is provided.

Guest Post writers are requested to  follow the guidelines in our “Write For Us” section and ensure they adhere to the 7 rules in this very excellent piece on Guest Posting. Please ensure you read this before submitting posts for publication.

Whilst we are happy to receive both Guest Post and Sponsored Post requests we cannot offer any Guarantee that these will be published.

PLEASE NOTE  We do not permit do-follow links.