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Black Friday—It’s Baaaack.

Black Friday and its cousin Cyber Monday are coming back like last night’s bad spaghetti.  It seems like these sales start earlier and last longer every year. Some day soon, they will all blend into one all-embracing Christmas holiday and then nobody (except harried shopkeepers) will ever work again.  Riiiiight.

Black Friday Cyber Monday returns

Oh No . The Return of Black Friday

Anyway, here are a bunch of sites in the Weed World with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.  Some of the deals are one-offs and some are continuing good deals.  So charge up your credit card and head on out.  Don’t forget to bookmark this page, in case you see something you like but your bank account is already on fire and you need to restock.

Our friends at LED Grow Lights Depot are starting early with a load of Black Friday deals going on right now.  They sell Led Grow Lights in a variety of brands, but they also sell other weed farm necessities and luxuries.

Shop LED Grow Lights Depot

Growers House is another outfit that sells virtually everything under the (electric) sun.  Their particular forte is hydroponics, but they sell to dirt farmers too. The Growers House homepage is full of deals from 10-30% off.

Vaporizers and Vaping Supplies

VaporNation always has a Deal of the Day on multiple vaping products, and almost always has a bunch of specials they are running.  They don’t have a Black Friday sale right now, but who needs it when you can find great prices and plenty of coupon codes any time.

Another well-known vape supplier (and the sponsor for some of our upcoming contests) are our friends at Namaste Vapes.  It seems like they have a subsidiary for every country in the world and they are moving into the US as well.  They tell us they just could’t wait for Black Friday, but had to start offering 30% OFF RIGHT NOW.
namaste vapes


MadeByHemp, one of the best CBD labs around, has sales on oils, creams, pet products, and vape kits pretty much all the time, but in addition to that they are offering a Black Friday Special. Get $10 off when you spend $100! $20 off when you spend $200! And $30 off when you spend $300 or more!

Like a lot of sites for stoners, Robert Bergman’s ILGM site can be counted on for year-round sales.  As Black Friday morphs into Cyber Monday, they are sure to have some deals all weekend.

And while you in a shopping frenzy, why not save yourself some year-end anxiety and get your Christmas shopping done early.  We have a bunch of great ideas for weed lover gift ideas with new ones for 2018 and oldies but goodies from 2017.  Head on over to the Christmas Gift Ideas page.

So take advantage of the online sales from the comfort of your casa and avoid getting ripped (literally) like these unfortunates who went to the local mall on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Why Cyber Monday is after Black Friday

Avoid This–Shop Cyber Monday

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