When it comes to LED Grow Lights 1000w is a popular wattage.

The BestVA X5 1000W COB LED Grow Light may be one of the coolest innovations on the market for raising your weed, literally. COB, or Chip On Board, LED panels put out even less heat than regular LED grow lights, which is impressive since LEDs already run very cool.

BestVA X5 1000W COB LED Grow Light Module Design Full Spectrum for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Flowering Growing

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What is a COB LED?

A COB LED is made up of multiple chips packaged together—COB stands for Chip On Board. Each COB LED uses a single circuit for all the diodes it contains. That fact, as well as the way it’s packaged with fewer soldered points, creates less heat output and less risk of broken circuits.

With the BestVA X5 , the heat it does generate is transferred from the ceramic and aluminum substrate out to an external heat sink which is cooled by fans in the top side of the panel. Since heat can be controlled so easily, this type of light rarely fails.

In the case of Bestva, they use name-brand Epistar LEDs. The COB LED looks small but it can put out a lot more light than regular LEDs taking up the same amount of space.

Another interesting feature of COB LEDs is that their viewing angle is wider than many traditional LEDs and they don’t need lenses to create this effect. They have better color mixing and stronger light even from a smaller panel.

You may have heard of some brands that are using COB LEDs now, like Bridgelux’s Vero and Cree’s CXA. Bestva is enthusiastically competing with the better-known brands with a lower cost to the consumer.

Features of the Bestva X5 LED Grow Lights 1000w COB Module:

  • Provides full-spectrum visible light, from 410 to 730nm (410nm, 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, White, Infrared (730nm)
  • Although it’s rated for 1000W, it consumes only 234W
  • Safe to use for veg and bloom stages
  • Coverage Area about 3.8 x 3.6-feet, depending on height (from 3.94 to 6.56-feet)
  • Panel measures 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36-inches and weighs 7.05 pounds
  • Each Epistar COB chip is 200W
  • Anticipated lifetime is 50,000 hours of use (or more than 5 years of 24 hours a day)
  • Covered by a 3-year warranty with free shipping for repairs in the first 180 days
  • Comes with power cord and hanging hook
  • Accepts voltage from anywhere in the world, 85 to 265V
  • Both CE and ROHS certified

Why would you risk investing in a Bestva LED grow lights 1000w COB ? One reason is the price. This panel costs a lot less than a traditional LED panel of the same wattage.

Two is the size. It covers an almost square area of about 3.8 by 3.6 feet, perfect for a small grow tent. The PAR at 20 inches height from the top of the plant measures 2170. Even at the greatest recommended height of 6.56 feet about the plants, it has a PAR of 670.

Three, it runs very cool so you don’t have to worry about burning your plants and you won’t need as much ventilation as you would with a high-pressure sodium or other hot light.

Four, the light spectrum it offers mimics natural sunlight so you can use it for both the vegetative and flowering stages of cannabis growing.

So far, it seems like owners have been pleased with the Bestva X5 LED Grow Lights 1000w COB.

What is PAR?

We mentioned a moment ago that the PAR of this light panel at 20 inches height was 2170. That’s actually stronger than some of the best regular LED panels on the market.

PAR means “photosynthetically active radiation.” The higher the PAR number, the more light the plants can use. Bestva reports that their panel puts out 100% usable light. None of it is wasted by going to heat instead of light like it does with metal halide or HPS lamps.

PAR measures light emitted in the 400nm to 700nm spectrum. That’s from the blue end up through red and into infrared. Those are the colors that help weed grow. Red is especially important during the flowering stage.

When you see a light’s output measured in lumens or lux, that’s a standard for humans. What might be pleasant light for a human might not be enough for healthy growth in a plant.

When you shop for grow lights, look for PAR ratings to get a real feel for whether or not they will help your plants.

(Find out more about PAR here.)


Buy this light if you have a small grow tent and a tight budget.

We think the X5 Bestva panel might be a great way for you and your plants to enjoy a good quality grow light without a lot of investment or risk.

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