Dabbing or vaporizing a primo rosin is just about the cleanest, purest most flavorful way to consume your cannabis right now—and usually comes with a price tag to match! However, rosin is actually one of the simplest, quickest extracts to make. You just need the right equipment…

If you’re short on time, here’s our pick of the best rosin presses available:

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Read on to find out why we think these are the best value for your money.

NugSmasher OG
  • Aluminum plates
  • Dual heating elements
  • Very robust, solid steel construction
Sasquash V2
  • Fast heating aluminum plates
  • Very flexible
  • Process up to an ounce of flower
PurePressure Pikes Peak V2
  • Ease of use
  • Highly adjustable
  • Vertical or horizontal operation
RosinBomb M-50
  • Plug-and-play
  • Push-button operation
  • Almost no noise
NugSmasher 4” x 4” Rosin Tech DIY Plate Set
  • Aluminum plates
  • Dual heating elements
  • Digital heat control unit with auto-tuning
NugSmasher Mini
  • Digital temperature control and timer
  • Fast heating aluminum plates
  • Super-solid build quality
Rosin Tech Go
  • Low-cost option
  • Highly portable
  • Digital heater and timer

About this article & why we chose these rosin presses

Just a few years ago, rosin presses were mostly a DIY project. You’d rig a 10 or 20 ton shop press with heat plates, a heater and controller. Or grab some hair straighteners, a clamp and parchment paper.

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However, as rosin has grown in popularity, so too has the number of commercially available rosin presses. Not to mention there’s now a wide array of different types of press to choose from, all with their relative pros and cons.

Frankly, you could spend hours researching the best one for you.

So that’s exactly what we did.

And to save you all that time and hassle, we’ve put all our findings in this post, as concisely as we can.

The best rosin press is… the one that’s right for you

Pikes Peak PurePressure V2 rosin press

Our pick for best pneumatic rosin press, PurePressure’s Pikes Peak V2

Below, we’re going to show you the best value rosin press in each category. You can assume consistent, even heat across the heat plates comes as standard with all these choices.

However, we know not everyone’s requirements will be the same.

Some of you will be creating small batches. Different combinations of heat, time and pressure create different consistencies of rosin (e.g. budder, shatter, etc.). Everyone’s budget and workspace environment will be different. And so on.

So for each category we’ll also make a few alternative suggestions: e.g. cheaper models, higher or lower pressure capabilities, models for smaller spaces, etc.

If we’ve done our job right, there should be something here to suit any budget, workspace or product volume.

New to rosin and rosin presses? Click here to scroll down to our quick buyer’s guide.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about rosin, the relative merits of each type of press and how to choose the exact right press for you.

Best Rosin Presses for Your Money (2019)

Best rosin presses for your money 2019 + Buyer's Guide

Making pure, flavorful concentrate is fast and simple with a rosin press


Best Manual Rosin Press: NugSmasher OG

nugsmasher og rosin press

What makes this a manual press is that you have to apply the pressure yourself, in this instance with a manual pump arm. However, you can apply up to 12 tons of pressure.

What makes this the best manual press is: pure value for money.

There are more powerful presses, but none that provide such high performance and build quality at this price point.

It’s also compact enough to suit most workspaces: 9” wide x 15.5” tall.

  • Process up to 14g of flower
  • Aluminum plates for best balance between thermal conductivity and hardness
  • Dual heating elements, one for each plate—and fast heating
  • Digital heat control unit with auto-tuning
  • Very robust, solid steel construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy for its size at 74lbs.

For smaller batches:  NugSmasher Mini (see below for review) – same quality but smaller and cheaper.

For higher capacity: NugSmasher XP or NugSmasher Pro.

Best Hydraulic Rosin Press: Sasquash V2

sasquash v2 rosin press

Hydraulic presses apply high pressures through a hydraulic cylinder. Again, there’s usually a hand crank, but this time the cylinder is doing most of the work for you. They can generate pressures between 5 to 20 tons, but are also usually a lot lighter than a manual press. All of which makes them great for home use.

Sasquash is the leading name in hydraulic rosin presses. The V2 isn’t cheap, but we’ve chosen it here because you get a whole lot of power, performance and versatility for your money—this is a press with huge scope for upgrades. You can start with a hand-cranked hydraulic setup, then upgrade later to pneumatic or electric operation if you want to automate or increase your processing capacity.

  • Process up to an ounce of flower
  • 15 tons pressure
  • Compact size: 14” tall, 18” wide, 8” deep
  • Fast heating aluminum plates
  • Very flexible—operate with hydraulic, electric or pneumatic pump
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • All of the pumps cost extra—and the pneumatic foot pump also requires purchase of an air compressor

For lower capacity: Sasquash M1 – the now cheaper precursor to the V2.

Cheapest alternatives: Sasquash Half Squash (includes free hand pump) and Dulytek DHP7.

Best Hybrid or Variable-Hydraulic Rosin Press: Sasquash V2

sasquash v2 rosin press

Hybrid rosin presses are basically hydraulic presses but with flexible options over how you control them—e.g. hand or foot pump, pneumatic pump or electric pump. They give you that bit extra control over exactly how you extract the rosin.

Our pick for this category is the Sasquash V2 again. See above for the review.

For an even higher capacity and 25 tons pressure: consider the Sasquash 2.5 or the Triminator TRP Stack.

Best Pneumatic Rosin Press: PurePressure Pikes Peak V2

purepressure pikes peak v2 rosin press

Pneumatic presses get their pressing power from a compressed air cylinder. They’re hands-free—just push a button—fast, and great for processing large volumes. But they’re also noisy and generally quite large and heavy. Mostly these are for commercial/professional operations.

But if you’re looking to automate the whole process, look no further than the Pure Pressure Pikes Peak V2. It’s a professional unit, so it’s pricey… but for sheer ease of use, adjustability and the purity of end product it’s hard to beat. A lot of industry-leading research has gone into providing the optimum levels of heat, pressure and time to ensure maximum yield without compromising flavor or quality. (Too much pressure presses unwanted plant material into the rosin, too much exposure to temperature can degrade terpenes, flavor and potency).

  • Process up to 20g flower or 35g of kief/sift or hash—up to 3.75lbs or over 7lbs per day respectively
  • Set up to 30 presets to get the end product you want at the touch of a button from your chosen starting material
  • Highly adjustable—fine control every operating factor through a touch screen controller
  • Vertical or horizontal operation to help you make best use of your space
  • Professional unit, so priced accordingly
  • Pneumatic presses require air compressors, which adds to the running costs
  • No compressor included
  • May be too large and heavy—or noisy—for many home setups

For a higher capacity: NugSmasher Pro – triple the capacity and much cheaper, but a less sophisticated and innovative approach to pressing.

Best Electric Rosin Press: RosinBomb M-50

rosinbomb m-50 rosin press

Quiet, fast, plug-and-play, compact, no operating effort whatsoever: electric rosin presses are our favorite for home use. They lack power compared to commercial presses, but they’re often cheaper than similar hydraulic or pneumatic presses, even before you take into account extras like pumps and compressors. And the electric pump delivers more than enough pressure for small batch use.

Leaving aside hybrid presses (like various Sasquash models), the electric rosin press market isn’t too crowded yet. But RosinBomb is very much the name to beat. The M-50 is pretty much the state of the art: commercial-level tech for home use. With a form factor that makes it only a little bigger than portable presses (16” tall, 35lbs), it still delivers 5000lbs of pressure. And it’s simplicity itself to use.

  • Processes up to 14g of material
  • Ready to use as soon as it arrives
  • More portable than many competing pneumatic or hydraulic presses—and can be set up vertically or horizontally to maximize your use of space
  • Push-button operation, like a pneumatic press—but no need to buy additional pumps or compressors
  • Almost no noise
  • 5-year warranty on structural parts, 1-year for electrical components
  • Not as adjustable as some other types of press
  • We prefer aluminum heat plates to stainless steel

For a smaller, cheaper press: RosinBomb Rocket – lower capacity though, only 5g.

For a higher capacity: Sasquash V2 – has an electric pump option, much higher capacity but price tag to match.

Best DIY Rosin Press: NugSmasher 4” x 4” Rosin Tech DIY Plate Set

nugsmasher DIY 4x4 rosin press kit

The main reason to make (or assemble) your own rosin press: cost.

However, if you know what you’re doing, you can also potentially customize it to your own personal requirements. And simply upgrade and tweak the same base unit as you gain experience, or if your requirements change.

This NugSmasher DIY Plate Set takes care of the heating part of a rosin press. However, like any DIY rosin press project, you’ll have to fit it to a shop press yourself (1 to 12 ton recommended)—that’s where you’re saving your money. Fortunately, there are plenty of videos and other resources online to help you out with that.

We’ve chosen this set because NugSmasher is one of the best, most reliable rosin press brands around—with a wealth of useful info on their website. These plates deliver even, consistent temperature across the whole surface area and let you accurately control temperature. Both of which are key to achieving the purity and rosin consistency that suits you. (Check out the operating instructions here and here.)

  • Process up to 14g of flower
  • Aluminum plates for best balance between thermal conductivity and hardness
  • Dual heating elements, one for each plate
  • Digital heat control unit with auto-tuning
  • Same plates and controller as the NugSmasher Original manual press
  • A range of other plate sizes available
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Best for people with some prior experience of using a rosin press

For smaller or larger plates: NugSmasher 2.5″ x 2.5″, 4″ x 6″ or 7″ x 10″.

Best Portable or Compact Rosin Press: NugSmasher Mini

nugsmasher mini rosin press

The Rosin Tech Go (see below) is cheaper and the RosinBomb Rocket is slightly smaller (and electric), but the NugSmasher hits the value for money sweet spot. For under $500 you get 2 tons of pressure, a capacity of 3.5g of flower, smooth consistent operation and super-solid build quality. While still being small enough to carry or put on a desk.

  • Digital temperature control and timer for consistent, accurate operation
  • Fast heating aluminum plates
  • Small: 14” tall, 7” wide and weighs 25lbs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Some portable models are a little smaller

For a cheaper portable model:  Dulytek DM800 Personal Heat Press – even smaller but only generates half the pressure. Also check out the Rosin Tech Go below.

For higher capacity: RosinBomb Rocket – electrically operated (no hand cranking or compressors) and goes up to 5g, but not cheap.

Best Budget Rosin Press: Rosin Tech Go

rosin tech go rosin press

There are numerous faster, more powerful presses out there. Presses that are more sophisticated. Presses that will deal with higher production capacity. But if budget is the absolute limiting factor for you, then this little press is one low-cost option that you won’t regret 5 minutes after you start using it.

As well as being sub-$300 most places, it’s also tiny (12.5” x 7.25” x 8.75” and only 15lbs), highly portable and couldn’t be simpler to use.

  • Price! Few presses are this cheap and few cheap presses are this good
  • Digital heater and timer for accurate control and consistent results
  • One of the few truly portable, mobile rosin presses
  • Low capacity
  • Low power—but 700lbs of pressure will still get the job done

Even cheaper and lighter: Dulytek DM800 Personal Heat Press – ultra portable, generates up to 1000lbs pressure, but warranty isn’t quite as good.


Rosin Press Buyer’s Guide

dabbing cannabis rosin

Dabbing is one of the most popular ways to consume rosin

What is rosin?

Rosin is a solvent-free cannabis extract. It is extracted through the skillfully balanced application of temperature, pressure and time. Different consistencies (e.g. budder or shatter) can be achieved through applying more or less of these three factors. The latest trend is live rosin.

Why make rosin?

Because nothing is added to the raw material, rosin is pure, highly flavorful and full of terpenes. And because it’s dabbed or vaporized, rather than burnt, it’s much healthier than smoking your bud. In addition:

  • Great way to make use of trim, shake and other plant material that might otherwise go to waste, or to clean up hash or kief
  • Truly representative of the original qualities of the plant you used—rosin quality depends a lot on strain and growing methods
  • When done well, there’s minimal degradation of terpenes, flavor or potency
  • Much simpler and quicker than other extraction methods
  • Safe to do at home, unlike solvent-based methods
  • There’s no way to mask impurities when making rosin, unlike some other concentrates

How does a rosin press work?

Essentially a rosin press is anything that uses heat and pressure to extract terpenes and cannabinoids. Typically, it has two rectangular hot plates, between which the starting material (flower, kief, trim, etc.) is heated and pressed. Between the plates and the cannabis there is also usually either waxless parchment paper or a filter bag.

The main types of press are hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and hybrid. Each uses a different mechanism to apply the pressure. You’ll also find DIY kits that will allow you to transform a regular shop press into a rosin press. For more details, see the respective reviews above.

What do I need to consider when buying a rosin press?

First, consider your available workspace:

  • If noise is going to be a problem, avoid pneumatic presses
  • If space is limited, pay careful attention to the unit’s dimensions
  • Where are you going to put the press? Will it be able to support the weight?
  • Will you often need to move the press or take it elsewhere?

Next, think about how much starting material you’ll need to process, what kind and how often:

  • Is manual operation going to become tiring or too time consuming? Consider a pneumatic or electric press
  • Is the press versatile enough to handle different kinds of starting material well? The more adjustable the pressure and temperature, the more likely you’ll get good results with everything from trim to hash to flower

Finally, what end product are you looking for?

  • Some presses allow much finer control over heating and pressure than others, which allows you to achieve a wider range of rosin consistencies. If you like to experiment and perfect, bear that in mind

A few words on temperature, pressure, quality and yield

The main thing that degrades the quality of concentrates is too much heat—either too high a temperature, or too long an exposure to heat.

Higher pressures allow shorter exposure times and lower heats, as well as increasing yield.

However, above a certain point, increasing the pressure only achieves minimal increases in yield. And too much pressure can press unwanted plant material into the rosin (you’ll see green flecks or ‘hairs’ in it).

In other words, don’t just look for the highest pressure press you can find!

Here’s a graph of the sweet spots for processing flower, kief and bubble hash:

cannabis rosin - pressure vs yield

Don’t just look for the highest pressure press you can find

Finally, remember that yield varies a lot depending on what starting material you’re processing. Flower gives the highest quality rosin, but unfortunately the lowest yield. Check out this graph:

cannabis rosin - quality vs yield

Rosin from flowers is highest quality – but yield is low

To get the most out of pressing flower, use smaller nugs to create greater surface area and allow better travel of rosin to the collecting area.