Wow, how time flies when you are having fun. I’ve had some great experiences with my cannabis horticulture project. I’ve got some nice plant production going, but I really like helping all of you who are thinking of getting into the hemp growing business. As you know, on this site we go on and on about how the right hydroponic grow light will increase your production and make those plants gorgeous, as well as improve bud quality and the taste of your product. So today I want to look into another LED lamp and put it up for your consideration. Let’s take a look at the PlatinumLED Platinum Series P300 400W 12-band LED grow light.


PlatinumLED Platinum Series P300: The Specs

This is one of the newer models made in the Platinum series. It is a 400 Watt grow light (HPS equivalent) which is an ideal solution for areas of about 4.5 by 3.8 feet during veg phase, or 3′ x 2′ during bloom. In other words, a small to mid-size horticultural garden, enough to have a nice production.

We’re talking a big money saver over HPS lights. To give the same brightness as a 400W HPS bulb, the P300 only consumes about 185 watts of power.

Even better than that, the light it gives your plants is 100% usable. Unlike an HPS or metal halide grow lamp, no light is wasted producing too much of wavelengths your plant don’t need. In other words, this is a full spectrum grow light. It produces only light that’s great for photosynthesis and nutrition.

Moreover, PlatinumLED claim that the Platinum Series have “the highest PAR output per Watt” of any LED grow lights.

PAR + UV + IR = Big Buds

One of the greatest features of the Platinum series is that it offers an optimal blend of light including UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared), which makes your plants incredibly beautiful. And increases yields and potency.

PlatinumLED Platinum Series P300 spectrum chart - Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED Grow Light Review

PlatinumLED Platinum Series P300 12-band spectral output – PAR plus IR & UV

Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) is the name givento the spectrum of light wavelengths a plant can use for photosynthesis. Plants need some of those wavelengths in greater quantities than others. LED grow lights like this one are calibrated not to waste energy producing loads of yellow and green light for instance. (Plants do need yellow and green, just not in the sort of quantities they need red and blue light.)

Bookending the PAR spectrum are IR and UV wavelengths. Not all grow lights—even full spectrum ones—include IR and UV, because they aren’t used for photosynthesis. They do, however, trigger responses in the plant that have been found to be beneficial, especially to cannabis plants.

UV increases trichome production (PDF), which means higher THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes. It makes buds more potent and  more flavorful.

IR speeds up photosynthesis (through the Emerson Effect) and helps your plants adapt quicker to the change between day and night. All of which speeds up growing and increases yields.

Other Features

The Platinum series uses only top-bin US-made LEDs from CREE and Bridgelux, two of the best manufacturers around. Which puts it instantly ahead of many lights, even in the same price range. The light’s 3W LEDs also have a 90-degree secondary focusing lens which adds depth and range to the lamp. Plus separate VEG and FLOWER switches gives you some great customizing effects. You can use dual light spectrums when changing from plant to flowering or seedling by simply turning on/off the second switch to lower or increase light and spectrum capacity.

If you have any questions or problems, their US-based customer service team is available 7 days a week. PlatinumLED also back the quality of their lights with an outstanding 5-year warranty.

My Opinion

What can I say? PlatinumLED is one of my favorite providers.  I think they offer quality products at a very affordable price; the features and component quality on this model are comparable to lamps that are much higher priced. The build quality is nice and sturdy, the lamps have a 50,000 hour guarantee and the coverage is great.

I usually place this lamp at a distance of about 36 inches from the plant, sometimes closer when I have plants that need more light and a little further out for seedlings. I get coverage of about 4 x 3 feet; however it does reach a bit further than this, which is great, except that the plants further out than this coverage area tend to tilt in towards the light.

Bottom Line

Buy this light if you’re looking for top quality components and features at an affordable price.

I like that the PlatinumLED Platinum Series P300 has two different selectable switches to intensify or soften the emitted light. The quiet cooling fans and heatsink keep the LEDs cool and working efficiently at all times. Component quality is top end.

Best of all, this lamp is an energy saver, grows quality buds fast, and comes with a complete 5 year warranty. Plus, the LED chips are replaceable when they burn out. So essentially, you’ll get tired of this lamp before it’s even time to replace it.

[imgb altimg=”PlatinumLED Platinum Series P300 300W LED Grow Light Review” imgid=”81hufCeDbfL” widthimg=”400″ heightimg=”400″ asin=”B00NTBS91Y”]

In my opinion you can’t get a much better brand than this.

Especially for the price.

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