Are you in a situation where you’d rather people don’t know that you’re growing weed indoors? Maybe you’ve heard of stealth growing? Well, these days, thanks to the latest all-in-one stealth grow boxes and cabinets, growing in private is more easily done than ever before.

However, there are an ever-increasing number of options to choose from.

So, to help you get started growing below the radar, today we’re reviewing 10 of the best stealth grow boxes and cabinets available. You should find one to suit your size requirements and budget. And best of all, these grow boxes make growing ultra-simple. In fact, almost automatic.

Why Use a Stealth Grow Box?

The day states started legalizing the use of medical and recreational weed was a day of great joy for weed growers. It gave us a big win, and now in many states you can legally grow a certain number of marijuana plants.

But this benefit isn’t open to everyone, and unless you live in a geographic location where it is legal to grow, you are still up a creek without a paddle.

And even in states where weed growing is legal you can certainly expect some pretty restrictive regulations.

Not to mention that some people still aren’t on board with marijuana legalization. Some of us have nosy neighbors who want to dictate how everyone should live. And some growers just don’t want to be tarred with the “stoner” stereotype or they have a job where being pegged as a weed grower could be problematic.

People may even decide to break in and steal your carefully grown stash if you publicize your growing too loudly.

In short, there are many reasons, even discounting local laws and regulations, why growers might prefer to go into stealth marijuana growing mode.

How Do You Grow Weed without Getting Spotted?

Stealth growing is all about managing and minimizing six main potential giveaways:

  • Noise
  • Heat
  • Odor
  • Safety
  • Visibility (including light and behavior)
  • Utility bills

The best stealth grow cabinets and grow boxes make minimizing most of these factors ultra-simple. They’re all-in-one, done-for-you solutions—everything you need to grow weed indoors discreetly, literally in a box. And what a stealth grow box doesn’t hide, you should be able to deal with through common sense and planning.

Before we get to the reviews, let’s look at those factors in more detail, so that you can see exactly where a good stealth grow box can help you out.

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What Is Stealth Growing?

Stealth growing is about growing your weed quietly and inconspicuously, so that no one else knows you have your own personal stash of plants.

It’s not about being paranoid. It’s just a matter of keeping things under wraps, on the down-low, being careful. Being safe rather than sorry.

It’s also often about making the maximum use of limited space. Getting as much yield as you can from the room you have to spare.

You need common sense and of course a little planning.

But to really minimize giveaway signs of your grow op you also need the right equipment.

Let’s look at those potential giveaways in more detail.


The biggest potential giveaway is always going to to be visibility. If you’ve got limited space to grow Mary Jane indoors, you don’t want to have big, ugly grow tents sitting around for visitors to see or for passing neighbors to glimpse through your windows.

Equally, you’re going to need to make sure those super-bright LED grow lights aren’t going to give you away. If your upstairs window is constantly lit up like a UFO people are going to talk.


Flowering cannabis can get pretty pungent, even overwhelming. And it’s not an easy smell to disguise without fans and filters. Which brings us on to the next potential problem…


Fans and filters aren’t exactly silent, at least not the cheaper ones and not if they’re set up badly. Plus your grow lights may also have their own internal cooling fans. Fan noises going 24/7 can easily arouse suspicion.


Speaking of grow lights, the other way they might give you away is the heat they can generate. If you’ve got an extractor fan running, the hot air it’s pumping out could be a problem. However, grow boxes usually use LED and CFL lights, which run much cooler than other grow lights. And even with HPS lights good design should keep the heat down.


Cheap equipment, badly set up equipment, overloaded sockets and circuits, water spilled in the wrong place… These are all an electrical fire waiting to happen. Stealth grow cabinets are designed to keep all these possibilities to a minimum.


This is all about common sense and planning. For instance, if you’ve got anything potentially suspicious to dispose of, don’t put it in the trash until trash day. And preferably put it under something local snoops and wildlife aren’t going to want to dig through.

If you’re posting photos of your beautiful freshly trimmed buds online, make sure location meta-data has been removed.

And of course, the fewer people you tell about your grow setup the fewer people there are who could let it slip.

Utility Bills

Generally, the more expensive the growing equipment the higher quality it is. And the higher quality it is the more efficient it should be, which means lower and less suspicious electricity bills.

How Will a Stealth Grow Cabinet Help?

The best stealth grow cabinets and boxes are designed to minimize light, sound, heat and odor. They’re also designed to be easily hidden or to just not look suspicious in the first place.

All the equipment you’ll need has been put together carefully and correctly, all in one box, so that it’s safe, secure and convenient and runs efficiently.

And best of all, everything’s included so that you can start growing immediately.

In fact, the top of the range models even make growing your weed more or less automated. (If that appeals to you of course. After all, we know that for some of you perfecting the process will be at least half of the fun.)

Now you know what a good stealth grow box can do, let’s move on to the reviews…

Here are our 10 picks of the best stealth grow boxes and cabinets currently on the market. We’ve tried to cover options for different grow sizes, styles and budgets.

Our 10 Best Stealth Grow Boxes & Cabinets (2018)

1. SuperCloset Deluxe 3.0 LED Soil Grow Cabinet

Fantastic for mid-sized growers. The superlocker 3.0 LED grow cabinet has it all. You don’t need to buy any other accessory to grow your next Harvest. This Locker stands at 66” tall, but it doesn’t look out of the ordinary from the outside. It looks like a standard ordinary Sports Locker, one that might be in any High School gym. The reinforced door and adjustable high spectrum LED light offers the perfect environment for your weed.

Features Include:

  • A dual chamber system, one for the growing and one for the vegetative state of the plant
  • Capacity for 6 plants
  • Includes a full spectrum award winning KindLED K3 grow light that fits the locker
  • Automated controls on the back of the unit so no one will notice that this is anything but a locker.

This grow box is narrow at 15” wide, which means you can tuck it into any corner or against any wall and no one will really notice it. Place it in your living room, dining room or office, check your plants anytime and grow up to 6 plants at a time.

However, in the beginning, if you are not all that experienced a grower, you may want to start out small. You will be astounded to see how big just four plants can get in this state-of-the-art stealth grow box.

In fact, many weed growers say that they get about 30% higher yield with this award-winning automated hydroponic grow box than with any other. Everything you need to grow the best weed in town is included: air filters, nutrients, timers and growing medium.

2. SuperCloset SuperTrinity LED Grow Cabinet

A top of the line grow cabinet, similar to the Mercedes Benz for cars. This is an award winning grow cabinet with a three chamber, dual cabinet system.

Its design is ideal for a perpetual cycle of growth. It allows you to clone and germinate in one chamber, while continuing to grow in the dedicated vegetation chamber. Then you can transplant them to the flowering chamber for final flowering and harvesting.

It is an ideal secret but large stealth grow box for the weed grower who wants a monster yield.

The total dimension of the cabinet is 92” wide by 24” deep and 78” high. With this baby you can harvest every month or double your current yields.

Features Included:

  • Three chambers within the dual cabinet system. There is a cloning chamber, a vegetative chamber and a flowering chamber.
  • Each chamber holds up to 12 plants
  • Comes with 3 watt K3-L600 grow lamps
  • It is all automated so you can grow plants faster.

If you really want a top-of-the-line growth stealth box then this is the one you want to get: durable, well-made and extremely efficient. A complete automated hydroponic grow system that comes with everything you need—and the best part is you can lock the doors and keep it all quiet as can be!

If you are an inexperienced, grower you’ll love the included video tutorials and the seven-day-a-week customer support for growth issues as well as any technical problems you might have with the grow cabinet.

This is a quiet, safe, gorgeous, airtight and light-tight stealth grow cabinet, designed to fit in with the look of your home.The SuperTrinity LED Grow Cabinet truly takes the guesswork out of growing.

3. SuperCloset SuperStar HPS Soil Grow Cabinet

Our third choice is a bestseller for small to mid-size growers. The Super Star HPS Stealth grow cabinet is small but has dual chambers, so you can simultaneously use one side for cloning and the other for flowering plants.

But there is so much more here. For example, there’s even a germination kit for starting new seedlings.

The size of this cabinet is 24” wide by 24” deep and 60” high. Sure thing, this is a cabinet that can produce a lot of weed for a small growing area.

  • Each chamber holds a 24W T-5 fluorescent grow light.
  • It can hold up to 16 plants
  • Uses SuperPonic watering system with 16 gallons of nutrient rich water, making plant maintenance super easy.
  • Adjustable lighting system that fits your lighting needs as the plants grow.
  • Internal circulation fan for better air distribution.
  • Fully automated controls discreetly placed on the back of the unit.
  • Yield up to 30% more growth with exclusive Net Trellis and unique auto watering method.

This is an award-winning system that is completely automated. It comes with everything you need to grow great weed.

4.  Hellogrower 30″ Stealth Grow Box – With LED Light & Hydroponic System

Ahh! The perfect small stealthbox for the small grower. This small 30 inch cabinet comes with everything you need to grow two or three plants. The unit comes with a small full spectrum LED grow lamp that offers up to 125 Watts of light without using a lot of power consumption. It runs on very low temperature but does make a little bit of noise. For extra security you can add a padlock, just so little hands cannot get to it.


  • Powerful fan
  • 100% mylar lining
  • Lockable
  • Shaded rear vents

This Hellogrower stealth box has a strong steel construction and comes with a carbon filter to control odor. It is a cool small cabinet that is very user-friendly for first time growers.

5. Colorado Grow Box – Stealth Hydroponic Grow box, 600 Watt, 6-Site MMJ System

OK, so you still haven’t found what you want? We have the solution in the hydroponic 600 Watt stealth grow box. We love that it is covered in mylar inside and offers maximum light reflection so your marijuana plants get light from all sides. As a new grower, this box gives you what it takes to grow large beautiful Mary Jane. The huge box fans reduce odor and keep the plants fresh, yet the 600 Watt output lamp offers excellent full spectrum light and nutrients for plant growth.

Features Include:

  • LED lamp with 600 Watt output
  • Over-sized fans giving fresh air to plants
  • Adjustable light
  • Holds up to 6 plants

This system keeps the light directly over the plant and gives you shorter stems but more branching, and in the case of weed, more flowers. This hydroponic cabinet can hold a whopping 6 plants and the hydroponic feed system offers nutrients for roots over the air stones. Keep your plants healthy and pest free. Odorless, silent and lightproof. What more could you want.

6. Yield Machine Max – 4 Foot LED Grow Box

When you are looking for a hydroponic box that will help increase your yield then this four feet tall, 17.5 inch wide, by 13.5 inch deep grow box will do the trick. The one thing that stands out here is its width, being able to hold a 6 quart, 6 plant system. Equipped with a 150 Watt LED grow lamp that is adjustable, the box is ready to start growing right out of the… well, box.

Features Included:

  • 4.75” fans
  • Carbon filters
  • Full spectrum LED lamp
  • Hydroponic system

As a new grower this is a complete system that will get you started right away. Just unpack and start germinating your seed.

7. Cabinet Garden LED Hydroponic/Dirt Grow Cabinet/Box – Medium

Stealth Garden offers a steel grade lockable automated grow cabinet that is worthy of note. This 71 inch high by 20 inch deep and 25 inch wide cabinet offers a no see, no smell cabinet that contains everything a connoisseur grower needs to start his or her weed growing passion.

Features Include:

  • Stealth industrial steel cabinet
  • Automatic grow controls on back of cabinet
  • 200W Full Spectrum LED lighting system with supplemental side LED lamps.

If you want a stealth cabinet that offers durability and quality, but don’t need a mega-huge cabinet then this is the grow cabinet that might work for you.

8. Dealzer Cash Crop Hydroponic Grow System Hydrofarm

Hydrofarm makes a nice stealth box for beginner weed growers. This cabinet has everything you need to grow a good crop of weed.  All you need here is the seeds or the plants.

It is a small hydroponic system for growers who want a few plants for personal use. This hydroponic grow system comes with an LED lamp and a hydroponic system so you can grow weed without soil.

Features Include:

  • Affordable price
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 6 net pots
  • Lock and Key

This is a 3 foot model, so it is a little shorter than most of the other models we have listed here, but it can certainly allow you to grow a plant or two. Just add your seed to the nutrient rich grow medium and watch your weed flourish.

9. Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 4.0

Medium growers may want to look at Grandma’s Secret Garden as a budget friendly alternative grow box. This may be a short box at just 36” x 20” x 16.5” but it  can grow up to 9 small plans. It also has a ton of stealth features like carbon filters and quiet automation. Best of all, it fits in just about any room.

Features Include:

  • Water Hydroponics system
  • Full Spectrum LED lamp
  • Carbon filters

This is the box to add to an existing grow box because of its affordability, or a box to get started with. It comes with everything you need to start growing right away and because there is no soil, you have no mess.

10. SuperCloset Superbox 200Watt Fully Automated Turnkey Growbox

Here is a small but very well-made and secure grow box by SuperCloset. The thing we like most about this brand is the security. With 16-gauge steel doors, no one is getting into your stash without your knowing about it.

Yes, we know it is a small box, and rather on the high end of the spectrum when it comes to cost, but the build is what counts here. Plus, SuperCloset confirms that you will be up and running within 90 minutes. The box holds from 1 to 10 plants and has a top feed drip hydroponics system.

Features Include:

  • 16-Gauge Steel,
  • Lockable
  • Fully Automated
  • Sleek and Low Profile

If you are looking for something that stays out of the way, is inconspicuous, and works silently then this is the box that can do just that.

Low Odor Cannabis Strains

The one ingredient of a super-stealthy grow setup that doesn’t come with any of these boxes is of course the seeds you’ll be growing.

If you’d like to know more about selecting and buying quality seeds, we’ve got a seed buying guide for you.

But on top of that info, it’s also worth knowing that it’s not just grow box manufacturers who’ve been trying to solve the odor problem. Cannabis growers have been working for years on breeding low odor hybrid strains of cannabis.

If you’re looking for a super-stealthy grow, it’s worth investigating the low odor strains, checking out their THC and CBD levels and so on, and seeing which ones sound like they’d work for you.

Can I Build My Own Stealth Grow Box?

Absolutely. You’ll find it’s a popular topic on growers’ forums. And you’ll find all sorts of instructions and designs to follow and customize. It may end up being more expensive than simply purchasing a ready-made box, but if you love DIY that’s maybe not the point.

You will have to buy the hydroponics system, LED light panels, fans, CO2 regulator and box construction all separately, and these costs can quickly add up. And of course grow cabinet manufacturers have already tested that all their chosen components work together nicely, so there’s no risk of discovering things aren’t working together the way you’d hoped.

But if you want to have a personalized stealth box, then feel free to check out our other articles on LED grow lamps, ventilation and hydroponic systems to help you choose your ideal components. It can definitely be a satisfying DIY project.

Cannabis laws where you are: Unsure whether growing cannabis is legal where you are? Or not sure exactly how much you’re allowed to grow? Check our guide to cannabis laws worldwide.